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Tips For Getting Dates On Tinder


Tinder was one of the first main-stream mobile apps for dating that really took advantage of the smaller screen size and swiping gestures a mobile phone can provide.

That makes Tinder different from your traditional dating site that has long descriptions, headlines, desires and more. On some sites you practically need an English degree to fill out your profile, but with Tinder it’s different.

Get Your Photos Tight

Tinder is all about the photos. While that is true on most dating sties, the fact most people are swiping based on the photos … you need to have good photo’s in order to get noticed.

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts on your Tinder photos:


  • Have a smiling face shot as one of your main photos. Preferably not a selfie – and one where you are naturally smiling/having fun.
  • Have photos where you’re at a cool place. Could be a baseball game, a major city/destination, hiking, diving, ect. Show that you don’t just stay at home all day swiping for chicks o Tinder.
  • Be yourself. Don’t post photos that are staged or make you look unnatural.


  • Shirtless pics. Guys, keep your shirt on.
  • Car pics. Even if you have a supremely good whip, I’d save that for the one-on-one convo with the ladies.
  • Selfie in the mirror. I suppose you can include one, but don’t make the selfie in the mirror your main pic.
  • Pictures with kids – unless they are your kids.
  • Group photos. 1 or 2 might be fine, but don’t overload your profile with pics of other people – this is about you.

Be Aggressive

I certainly don’t mean physically aggressive. But you do need to be aggressively trying to find matches/dates on the app. Most girls get a ton of matches (especially in the denser cities) …. so you’ve got to stand out.

It starts with making sure you are using your super-likes & boosts each day. Make sure you are swiping in as many locations as you can possibly make it to. Obviously it helps to pay for the premium features, but if you are using the app for free, make sure you are maxing out on your swipes/boosts each day.

When you are matched up with someone, don’t wait for them to contact you … that’s your job.


Breaking the ice on Tinder & sending the first message is more of an art than a science. I have guy friends who literally write the same thing every time:

“Hi [girls name], how are you?”

If you are semi-good looking and get plenty of matches, a simple opening line can be a good option since you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it.

You can be more creative by playing off something you see in the girls photos – or something she wrote in the profile section.

Most important thing is to keep it brief. Don’t write a long message. I like to ask a question so it encourages a response.

Once you get things rolling through chat, don’t be scared to start closing the deal on setting up a date. You should look at every conversation on Tinder as your chance to schedule a date.

First ask her what she likes to do for fun/in her free time. See what kind of schedule she has. Once she says I like to do [this] for fun and I have [this day] off – literally purpose that you two go do this.

You’d be surprised how often you get accepted.

Final Tips

Once you break the ice and the chic is into you. Make sure you offer her your number just in case. Tinder has been known to crash and you wouldn’t want it to be your only line of communication.

Be ready to go on dates. I suppose you can chat it up on the app, but in my experience girls on Tinder are ready to meet up. In the larger population centers it’s not uncommon for a decent looking guy to be able to land multiple dates in one day.

It’s a numbers game. If you’re looking to meet your soulmate, honestly I think there are better dating websites for you to try. Tinder is all about swiping as many people as possible and trying to close the deal once you have a match.

Don’t let a failed/missed opportunity get you down. “Move onto the next one” is the best attitude.


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