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Sample Online Dating Profile If You Just Moved

Good Example #1

So it’s all come down to this. I’m often asked why I’m single (or at least I’ve been thinking that), and I respond the same way every time by saying that I just haven’t found what I’m looking for yet. My priorities are my family, friends and of course my career which I happen to love. I have a strong work ethic that my family instilled in me as a kid.

I have recently movied to the area from [City] and can honestly see myself living here for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and friends back in [Hometown] but I moved here because [Reason you moved] and I have no regrets. I would describe my personality as funny and sometimes sarcastic, but I’m serious when I need to be. If you slip on ice I’ll probably laugh first and then help you up … just kidding.

To be quite honest, I never thought I would find myself on a dating website (I’m sure a lot of people admit to this) but I’m ready to broaden my horizons and see what’s out there. I don’t believe it’s wise to box myself in as far as what I’m looking for but there are certain things that are important to me. I expect honesty, loyalty, respect and kindness. I believe there is a goodness in each person but I think the right person for me will spark a drive within me to achieve my ultimate potential as a person and a partner.

I’d like to meet someone who I can be friends with and build on that, because that never fades. I want to get to know you before jumping into anything serious.

It should be effortless, and I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable.

I’m not looking for a tourguide but would love to explore corners of the city I haven’t uncovered yet. If I’m not a match for you, good luck with your searches, otherwise I’d love to hear from like minded people.

Good Example #2

Hey, I just moved to [City]. For the past two years, I had been living in [City]. I’m so excited to finally be around nice people and I’m so glad I moved. I work in [Industry] and I love my job even though it’s hard work.

My three favorite vacation spots (so far) are: [City], [City], and [City]. I’ve been to over (##) Cities, and want to go to [City]and [City] when I get some vacation time.

Probably the thing I like most is checking out all of the new restaurants here. I was used to the places in my old town and have enjoyed finding some new places. I’d like to start checking out some of the shows and other sight seeing things here in town. Now you know a little bit about me, it’d be nice if you let me know about yourself – right?

Good Example #3

Glad you’re someone who actually reads the profile, I hope you take the time to message me because not many girls these days even read these things.

I just moved to [City] – I was born and raised in [City]. I’m not looking for a tour-guide or anything like that – that’s what Yelp is for. I have a pretty outgoing personality so having to ask someone where to go is not all that hard for me anyway.

But I would like to meet someone to get to know better than just a casual friend.

What I am looking for is connection with someone on a deeper level than most people are willing to go these days. Maybe being on a dating website is my problem – as it might not be possible to find that connection with someone. I guess if I never tried, I would always wonder if I could – so here I am.

My main interests in life are [Interest], [Interest] and I just got into [New Interest].

I’ll respond to everyone who contacts me here so don’t be shy – I don’t want to regret not reaching out to someone I might have a great connection with.

 Good Example #4

My name is [Name], I’m somewhat new to [City] but really like what I see so far.

By the way, … Can you help me unpack? How about show me around the city?

No, I’m just kidding – if I needed someone to unpack or help me find my way around the city I’d search the internet. I’m here to find someone that wants to be in an honest committed relationship.

Here is a little about me: I was born in the [City] and will always call that home because I still have friends and family there. My career is very important to me, and I work in the [Industry]. I really want my partner in life to feel they have the opportunity to pursue their goals as I have been trying to do the same.

The most important thing in a relationship is that we enjoy being around one another and we have an honest relationship. I’m looking for someone I can compliment in life, and it’s very important that I meet someone that can do the same for me.

I’m keeping this short since apparently nobody reads profiles. If you want to talk take the initiative and message me.

Good Example #5

I’m another one of those guys that ‘just moved’ – but really, I did for [Reason]. I miss my friends and family back in[Hometown] and I can’t wait to head home soon to visit, but I’m loving my new surrounding.

I could sit at home all day on FaceTime with old friends, but I have work to do and have really been impressed with how friendly most people are here in [City]. I’ve been sticking to the same places to eat, and my favorite place so far has been [Restaurant].

Anyway, moving is really no big deal – finding someone who I can share dreams and goals with has been more challenging! 🙂 That’s why I’m here, basically without sugar-coating it, I’m looking to fall in love.

I have a job, I work, I’m serious about commitment and if I don’t look good in my photos I’ll send you some more to see if I can change your mind 😉

Anyway, I think lots of women surf this site without contacting the guys they want – if I sound like that guy, you should not let me get away.