Funny & Humorus Online Dating Headline Examples

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because it wont let me leave this blank
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Don't read my profile... my looks should be enough
Future Soccer Moms Apply Here!
Headline? I line heads up an shoot!
Hi, I'm Mr. Wonderful
husband material
I didn't invent Hip Hop, But i was there.
I don't listen to Justin Bieber
I dont mind working but will you cook for me?
I gotta go see about a girl
I guess I am just that damn ugly
I know how to spell "woman"
I like shooting people! :)
I put the 'and some' in handsome.
I smoke I choke I blow them o's
i suck at online dating
I wonder how my voice sounds when you read my page
If a Penguin falls on the ice dose it make a sound?
If you want to end your search, click here
If you want to play games go buy an xbox
I'll go out with the first girl that contacts me.
I'll have you at hello
I'm a huge jerk
I'm hungry, Chipotle sounds bomb :))
I'm new here, so be gentle
I'm serious... can ANYBODY take a joke??
I'm so much cooler online...
I'm the chocolate cake in your diet
I'm the guy your mother warned you about
In third grade, I cheated on my history exam.
Just cuz I'm ugly don't mean I'm not human
Ladies, 100% no response is rude
Let's Move In Together
Move Along, You Won't like what you see here
My headline's original
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem!
Not ALL men are the same! But most are.
Poof! Ok I'm here, where are your other 2 wishes?
Relax ... I'm hilarious
Responsible by day, irresponsible by night. :)
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single white male
so.. how much does a polar bear weigh???
This could be yours
This Space For Rent.
Topanga, is that you?
wanna smoke some chronic?
You can cancel your membership now ;-)
Your Ad here, $5 only!!
your parents warned you about guys like me
$elf Made G
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