Great Sample Online Dating Profile For Outdoorsman

Good Outdoorsman Sample Online Dating Profile #1

I love almost anything outdoors. It is really important to me that I can spend quality time outdoors with whoever I am dating, not that outdoorsy stuff is all I do, but I'll get more into that later. My favorite outdoor activity is [Activity] - and that is when I feel at peace with the world.

I love to travel and do [interest] whenever I can. I love cultural experiences from [interest], [interest],and [interest]. I love to try and experience new things.

I work full time in the [Industry]. I have a lot of ambition and drive, but with so many passions it is hard for me to choose only one thing I want to do with my life. Quality of life is just something really important to me and I want to focus on not just making money but feeling fulfilled and happy with what I do.

All people have something special and unique about them that makes them great. I try to be as non-judgmental and open minded as I can. I don't believe in sweating the small stuff or letting things you can't control ruin your day. I try to make the best I can of any situation and try to learn and grow from trials. I can't say that I'm perfect, far from, but I do like to have a lot of fun. :)

I'm hoping to meet someone that is; [interest], [interest], family oriented, and is up for world travel and adventure.

I suppose it's impossible to get a real feel for someone just by reading their profiles. Just know that I am the kind of guy you can imagine cuddling up with you to watch a movie, tickling you till you cry, going on a hike to majestic locations, making you laugh, sharing a picnic, holding your hand, talking with you, listening to you, taking you dancing, playing a board or card game with you, surprising you with flowers, and bringing you breakfast in the morning.

Take a chance, make the jump, embrace life. I'm here waiting for you.

Good Outdoorsman Sample Online Dating Profile #2

I like the outdoors and enjoy being outside - I hunt everything and spend lot of time on lake. I'd like for the person I meet to be interested in [outdoor activity].

I Listen to [Music] -  A goal of mine is to [Goal] so I can get [Result].

I would like to find a woman that:
- Loves spending time outdoors
- Know what she wants
- Has to have a sense of humor
- Has patience with others
- Open and honest

All in all I'd describe myself as stable, and always looking for an excuse to get outdoors and have a little fun. A relationship is a two way street and you'll always get in return to what you put into it. I am not looking to bore you with tons of flattering adjectives about myself, if I sound interesting - let me know - I will get back to you.

 Good Outdoorsman Sample Online Dating Profile #3 - Military

Hello there, I am looking to meet new people and hopefully find a person to possibly start a relationship with.

I am a honest, hard working individual. I served for in the military, worked my way through college, and am now working as a [Job].

I consider myself to be a good person. I pride myself on always lending a helping hand. Serving in the military taught me to value respect and honesty.

What I am looking for in a relationship is something real and hope to find someone that shares similar beliefs and is an all around solid person.

During my free time I enjoy all outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, biking, kayaking, etc. Basically anything outdoors, I am up for it. One of my favorite activities is riding my motorcycle. I love to take 1 or 2 long trips a year, last year was [City]. This year, I am thinking [City].

If you share some of my interests I'd love to hear from you!