Sample Online Dating Message Examples

A few quick tips to creating the best first message you send to girls when dating online.

  1. Start off with some kind of compliment.
    AVOID: "your hot" ... "your sexy" ect
    Use: "I like your smile" ... "I enjoyed reading your profile"
  2. Point out something in her profile that you both have in common.
    Example "I also like seeing movies, I just saw [Movie] ... have you seen it yet?"
  3. Try to end with a question.
    Example: "How long have you lived in [City]?" "Have you been to the [new restaurant] yet?"
  4. Be Yourself
    Just be yourself. That's always the easiest way to get the conversation flowing.

Okay, so here are some example online dating messages that you can use. Remember, you need to tweak these to the girls profile. They want to know that you read their profile (given that it's more than a few sentences long) ... so point out a few things that they mention that you have in common.

Simple Example Message - Simple, quick and to the point. Send these out if you just want to keep it basic.


My name is [Name] and your profile has caught my attention. The first thing I noticed was your [Smile, photos, profile, eyes]

That's it. Now can I get your number?

Just kidding :)

I actually noticed we had some things in common - I really enjoy [Movies, the outdoors, sports, reading]. When I'm not with family or working, I enjoy [watching movies, listening to music, working out] too. If my photos pass the creep test check out my profile. I'd like to know your thoughts on [Interest in her profile .... The new [Music Artist] album? The [movie]? The [sporting event]? ... ect].

Sample Online Dating Message PoemUse this when you want to add a something unique to your first message. 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I saw you online
Then I messaged you

Where do we start?
Your smile ... your eyes
Or your heart?

I'm just your average guy
Who's looking for a chance
Will you accept this message
Like it's our first dance?

Things might go well
Or maybe I fail
It wouldn't much matter
If I was with you
all would be well

First Message To Women With Kids - Send this when the girl already has kids. I suggest only contacting girls with kids if you have a job or income, typically they are already dealing with a broke daddy.

Hi, my name is [Name],

I wanted to start off by saying that you have a beautiful family. I know how busy you must be, so I will keep this short, but I noticed we had some things in common, I've been [listening to the same music she likes, watched a TV show she likes, working out ... ect] when I'm not with my family or at my [job]. Family comes first, but I wanted to know what you enjoy doing if you'd have time to relax by yourself?